What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are a personal injury victim, who wishes to file a claim then you need to definitely hire a lawyer without delay. But you can’t just hire any lawyer. You will need to consider several factors for it.  

A Local Practice

Personal injury laws differ from state to state. So, you need to consult with and hire a lawyer who has a practice in your town or city. It is best to not seek legal counsel online without meeting up with a lawyer face-to-face.

But you can’t delay much when looking for a lawyer. Evidence can get lost when you delay in hiring the lawyer and file a claim. The negligent party may use such time to their advantage. If you are without legal representation, they may even send their attorneys to pressurize you into not filing a claim.

One of the quickest ways to find local businesses is to search online. You can search for lawyers with your requirement and area in the keyword. For instance, use Joliet personal injury attorney or something similar. Such searches will generate website links for local law firms. You can check them to know more about the lawyers. It will help you in making your hiring decision.

Extensive Experience and Expertise

Check lawyers’ profiles. Read about their education and experience in handling personal injury cases. Check the kinds of personal injury cases they handle as it is a broad category to include slips and falls, auto accidents, brain, and spinal injuries, etc.

Many lawyers present information about the kinds of claims they have won for their clients (without naming names). Reading about it can give you a fair idea about the lawyers’ expertise in specific practice areas of personal injuries.

Many law firms have two or more partners. So, make note of the lawyers who are qualified and experienced in the personal injury practice areas as per your requirements.

Expert Negotiation Skills

If a law firm is really known for winning claims of personal injury cases; you can be rest assured that it is due to their negotiation skills also. So, always seek successful lawyers for your case.

You can also read client testimonials or online reviews about the lawyers to know more about their successful (or not) careers. Face-to-face meetings can also give you an idea about the oratory and negotiation skills of lawyers. Referrals may be also helpful here. If someone refers to you a lawyer’s name based on their personal experience then be sure to ask about their negotiation skills.


Personal injury lawyers cannot be ruthless professionals. They need to have compassion for their clients who have been victims of accidents or grave injuries. It is the compassion of the lawyers that will make you want to hire one in the first place along with the above criteria.

A lawyer who is not sympathetic to your situation will not be able to really fight for you. Compassion is needed to consider everything you are going through in order to calculate your claim. Mere adding current and future medical bills and expenses is not enough. What about the mental and emotional agony of the victims and their families? What about possible treatment costs for mental disorders or PTSD due to injuries, disability, or loss of income and personal life?

If you find a lawyer all business-like and not sympathetic during your in-person meeting; then perhaps you should not consider hiring them.


Personal injury victims can have a lot of questions related to their case and the legal process. They need to know the details before going ahead with the claim. They also need to be kept abreast of the progress related to the case. Explaining everything and keeping the victims (and their families) informed about everything related to their case requires patience.

The victim may not even remember the details of the accident at first. The lawyer will need to patient with them and help them recover enough to provide any relevant information. If a personal injury lawyer is successful then chances are he or she is also patient. So, choose a lawyer with extensive experience in successfully handling personal injury cases.

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