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Top 5 Things To Do If You Are Pulled Over For DUI

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Top 5 Things To Do If You Are Pulled Over For DUI

DUI is a serious offense and if you are pulled over for the charge, it can lead to serious ramifications depending on the severity of your case. Fortunately, you can be proactive in taking a few steps to make sure you are better protected during your case proceedings later on. Here are five things to do if you are pulled over for DUI/DWI charge.

Pull over and park safely

As soon as you are pulled over for a DUI/DWI charge, the police officer starts observing your behavior and notes them down concisely in a report. It is therefore necessary that you do not show any traces of erratic driving or sudden moves during the parking process. Do not be abrupt, slow down gradually, pull over in a safe spot, and remain seating with your hands clearly visible on the steering wheel. It is very important to not make any sudden movements because police officers are trained to react fast to sudden threats.

Do not be rude but answer questions judiciously

If you are hostile or unintentionally rude, you are most likely to be arrested and put in a holding cell overnight. Comply with the officers’ directions to step out of the car, and provide your name, and license details immediately. However, be judicious when answering questions. You are allowed to remain silent as your right. If you feel an answer to a question might incriminate you, politely decline answering the question. However, do not lie. If you have consumed just a couple of drinks, you can say so to the officer because they will most likely not put you over the legal limit of blood alcohol level.

Refuse FSTs and PASs

Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) and a hand –held breathalyzer tests (Preliminary Alcohol Screening or PAS) are the first two tests that a police officer might ask you to take. However, you are well within your rights to deny taking these tests. These are unreliable indicators of intoxication levels and the results can be very subjective which might weaken your case in court.

Do not resist a chemical test at the station

Legally you are obligated to take the chemical test at the police station, which might include either a blood or breath test to verify blood alcohol level. DUI attorney Denver often suggests opting for the breath test because they can be contested later in court for their validity.

Contact your DUI attorney

Immediately after being released from the police station, consult with a professional attorney specializing in DUI cases. Your attorney will ask you to go over each detail of the event as closely as possible. It helps if you make note of pertinent details such as where were you during the arrest, what you were doing, how much alcohol you actually consumed, and how long after your last drink were you pulled over. Whether you were read your Miranda rights and how long after you last drank did you take the chemical test are important details crucial to your case.

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