What Is Religious Discrimination?

Discrimination of any sort is extremely damaging emotionally and mentally to any individual. The discrimination that hurts sentiments is illegal and should not happen at the workplace. Especially when it comes to the religion of someone, it is the duty of the employer or the higher authority at the workplace to respect and protect the beliefs and practices of the employee’s religion. If by any chance, you have been a victim of religious discrimination, then you must look for a lawyer for religious discrimination LA to know and understand your rights.

If you are surprised to know that your religion can be protected at the workplace, then here’s what you should know about it. In recent times, the workplaces have started to include employees who have a wide range when it comes to religious beliefs and also those employees who do not believe in any religion at all. But still, in many places, the employees are discriminated against based on their religion. If you do not know what it means, this article will give you a detailed idea about everything related to religious discrimination.

What is religious discrimination?

In simple words, religious discrimination is nothing but treating an individual differently because of his/her religious beliefs, religion, religious practices to name a few. Similarly, treating an employee differently at the workplace because of his/her religion is an act of religious discrimination.

Also, if an employee does not believe or practice any religion and if the employer is behaving differently with him/her, then it is also religious discrimination. You must know that the law protects all religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc but along with that it also protects people who do not believe in any of these practices.

Therefore, if you have been suffered at your workplace or harassed, fired, denied a promotion, rejected your religious accommodations, then be sure that you have suffered illegal religious discrimination.

Who is protected at the workplace from religious discrimination?

Well, the answer to this question is “Everyone”. Every single individual at the workplace is protected under the Equality Act 2010 irrespective of:

• The employer’s religion, practices, and beliefs

• You own religion no matter what and whether you believe in it or not

• The candidates who are already employees of the company or those who are applying for a job there

• According to the Equality Act 2010, you should not be discriminated against at the workplace because:

• You practice or not a certain philosophical belief

• You belong to or not to a certain religion

• You are linked to an individual who practices religion and has religious beliefs

The Equality Act protects every religion as mentioned above including the smaller religions such as Paganism or Rastafarianism.

Forms of direct religious discrimination

Direct religious discrimination is an act when the employer differentiates and treated less favorably an employee because of his/her religion. This means that if an employer takes an unfair action against an employee because of religion, then that act will purely fall under religious discrimination. This includes:

• To not hire an employee because of his/her religion

• Paying less salary to the employee

• Denying or refusing promotion

• Terminating the employee

Forms of indirect discrimination

In this form of discrimination, the employer executes the rules and regulations for everyone at the workplace. But if those rules are making an employee uncomfortable because he/she has a set of religious beliefs. Examples:

• Deciding some unfair working hours that prevent the employees from taking their time off for their religious practices

• Not allowed to wear certain religious item by the employees

• Setting a dress code for the employees that are not part of their religious beliefs

Lawyer for Religious Discrimination LA

Getting discriminated against based on your religion can be extremely disturbing and this is a kind of situation that cannot be shared or discussed with anyone since it is so sensitive. That is why, it is advised to consult a lawyer for religious discrimination LA, who can help you out and navigate you through the whole path. But most importantly, they will help you to know your rights and how they can be protected at the workplace. Talk to a lawyer right away and get a positive solution to your every problem.

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