What is an Insurance Fraud Attorney, and When Do You Need One?

What is an Insurance Fraud Attorney, and When Do You Need One?

An insurance attorney is a lawyer who specifically deals with legal issues surrounding insurance laws and regulations. One of the issues that these attorneys often deal with is that of insurance bad faith claims. Any time an individual agrees to a contract with another party, it is implied that good faith and fair dealing will be utilized while carrying out this contract. When specifically dealing with contracts between insurance companies and their clients, a breach of this contractual agreement will lead to insurance bad faith claims. When an individual enters into an insurance agreement, that person is putting faith into their insurance company. It is to be expected that, if the time comes that the insured must file a claim as a result of injury or wrongdoing, the insurer will come through for you when you need them the most. If an insurer fails to pay for the claim of their insured party, the insurance company in question is said to be acting in bad faith. This is because an insurer cannot reasonably and in good faith deny any payments to their insured without fully investigating the reasons for which their payments are being denied. If an insurance company fails to carry out their side of the contract and pay the insured the monetary value that they are owed, an insurance attorney can take over the case and help the insured gain back what is owed to them by presenting an insurance bad faith claim.

What is Insurance Fraud?

The other issue that many insurance attorneys must deal with concerns insurance fraud cases. The cases concerning insurance bad faith claims seek to protect the insured when the insurer refuses to carry out their part of the contract by paying the insured for their losses. In contrast, insurance fraud cases set out to protect the insurer from an insured party that is deliberately trying to get moneys they are not entitled to from the insurer. In these cases, the insured party will attempt to make an exaggerated insurance claim, or in some cases, one that is completely false. Once doing so, the insured will seek out compensation for losses and injuries that do not match what was actually suffered by the individual. Since insurance companies are designed to help those in need, not those looking to make money for injuries not actually sustained, an insurer with the suspicion that their insured party is making false claims will seek the assistance of an insurance fraud attorney. Occasionally, insurance fraud may be committed on the part of the insurer as well. In these situations, the insured party may have been sold falsified insurance coverage, or an insurance broker may have stolen their client’s insurance premiums. In a general sense, any kind of falsified act that is carried out in order to receive improper payment from an insurer is considered insurance fraud. In these cases and more, it is the insurance fraud attorney’s job to protect those who are being wronged by those who are looking to benefit from the suffering of others.

When You Need an Insurance Attorney

Almost everyone is exposed to the insurance industry in some way. Between home insurance, automobile insurance, and health or life insurance, it is difficult to avoid becoming involved in the insurance world. In many cases, an individual can have multiple forms of insurance in their name, so it is imperative that both the insurer and the insured parties understand their rights concerning insurance bad faith and insurance fraud claims. If you believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith, it is important to seek the assistance of an insurance lawyer (www.wisegeek.com/what-does-an-insurance-lawyer-do.htm) immediately so you can receive the compensation that you had expected to receive.

This breach of trust is not to be taken lightly. If your insurance company fails to come through for you when you need them, you may not be able to afford to take care of yourself following the submission of your claim. In cases of insurance fraud, whether you are the insurer or the insured, you must understand your rights in order to ensure that you are getting what you deserve. The relationship between an individual and an insurance company is one of trust, and this trust should never be broken. Getting back on your feet and receiving the compensation that you deserve will be much easier to accomplish with the assistance of an insurance fraud attorney in your corner.

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