Importance of Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Importance of Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you live in Arizona and have suffered a workplace injury, you are legally entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of the cause of the accident. In addition to getting coverage for the medical treatment you will need, you will also get reimbursement for your lost wages. While the law is clear on this, the actual process of filing the compensation claim can be quite complex.

Unless you know how to go about it, you might end up forgoing some of your benefits. Additionally, some employers and their insurance companies might try to avoid paying you, will pay you less than what you deserve, or make very late payments. That is why, to protect your rights, it is essential to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Let’s consider the importance of hiring a Phoenix workers compensation lawyer:

You will have a legal representative you can trust and rely on

The lawyer will guide you through the entire process of claiming your benefits, beginning with notifying your employer about the injury. You must do this as soon as possible, preferably within days of sustaining your workplace injury. Arizona state law requires your employer to have workers’ compensation insurance for all their employees. And to get that insurance for you, they must report your injury to their insurance company as well as to the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA).

You will get to know about all the options available to you

Since the ICA will determine if you qualify for the workplace injury compensation and what benefits you can get, you must file a correct claim with them and do so within one year of the injury. The Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer will assist you through all the steps of filing your compensation claim with the ICA.

After first researching your employer and your employer’s insurance company, the lawyer will inform you about all the benefits available to you, according to your specific situation, your injuries, your financial losses, and your expenses. There may be some that you didn’t think of or know about, but which will prove beneficial to you in the future. The lawyer will also calculate the rate of payments, depending on whether you have a temporary disability or a permanent one.

You will have the necessary legal backing to deal with the insurance company

Even though you are legally entitled to receive compensation for your workplace injury, the actual matter of getting the benefits isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Some employers and their insurance companies may be reluctant to give out the insurance for a variety of reasons. They may adopt legal tactics to pay less than the actual pay-out or to avoid paying entirely. For instance, if you have a pre-existing condition, they might use that as an excuse to claim that you are not eligible for the workplace injury compensation.

Unless you have a knowledgeable and experienced Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer to look out for your interests, you might find yourself gulled out of your legal rights.

You will get legal advice about navigating the medical system

If your employer or the insurance company is legally obliged to pick the medical provider, they may find one that will look out more for their interests than your health. That is, the doctor may provide partial rather than full medical treatment. Or, if the doctor suggests an appropriate treatment, the insurance company will find ways to deny it or delay it. However, if you have a lawyer to investigate the accident and your medical therapy, it will be more difficult for the insurance company and their doctors to get away with providing you with substandard healthcare.

It is essential to note that filing a workers’ compensation claim might harm your relationship with your employer, especially if they show reluctance to make the necessary claim payments. While that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek a redressal, you should be aware of it and be prepared to handle some amount of unpleasantness at the workplace after you return to work.
Since they can’t legally harass you, it may make a significant difference in your employer’s reaction, however, if you have a skilled Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer representing your rights.

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