Four Questions You Must ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Four Questions You Must ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases can cover a multitude of categories, each requiring specific knowledge on the attorney’s part in order to fight it on your behalf. So, you need to ask an attorney the right questions before you hire one.

The right questions and their responses can help you evaluate if a specific lawyer or law firm is right for your requirements. So, if you need the best personal injury lawyer in Chicago, you will need to contact the leading personal injury law firms or lawyers in the city without delay. Then you need to seek an appointment with their office without wasting any time post your (your loved one’s) injury.

Question 1 –

Do I really have a case?

Asking this question will help you know about your options. Before you file a lawsuit, you really need to know if you have a case. You need to know your chances of getting a compensation for the sustained injury.

Your lawyer should be able to provide you with clarity about your case and the kind of compensation you can get. Unrealistic expectations can only bring more pain to you once the case is over. Experienced lawyers will ensure that they provide any prospective client with full information about their case, the legal steps and proceedings, and the expected time frame for the conclusion of the case.

Personal injury cases can drag for years. So, having realistic expectations and clarity on the same from your attorney can be helpful.

Question 2 –

Do you have any experience with similar cases?

When fighting a personal injury case, you want an experienced attorney by your side. Personal injury cases can take years to conclude. Such cases can also get nasty if the other party decides to play foul or not accept their fault towards your injury.

Only experienced attorneys can handle such complicated cases. Experienced attorneys will also know how to tackle the big insurance companies who are likely to intimidate you or any lawyer with no experience with personal injury cases.

If your personal injury case involves medical malpractice or head injury, your lawyer should actually have the experience in handling and winning cases of a similar nature.

Question 3 –

What do you charge as your fee?

In the stress of dealing with an injury and other matters at home, it is perfectly understandable if you forget to ask the lawyer about the fee for fighting your case. But it is not wise to do so.

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis; it is best to still confirm it before you hire one. It means that the lawyer will take a cut of the compensation awarded to you. Make sure you ask the attorney about the percentage amount. Confirm if you will need to pay any retainer fee.

Most personal injury lawyers also offer free consultations. But still, confirm this by visiting their website or calling their office beforehand.

Ask about the charges if you don’t win the case. It is extremely important to know about the fee structure of an attorney before you hire one.

Question 4 –

Will you be sharing details of the case with me every step of the way?

It helps to be in the loop about your own case. When dealing with personal injury cases, it helps to have an attorney who is responsive to you. If communication at every stage of the case is important to you, consider asking this question to a lawyer before hiring one.

You must also ask about the best ways to communicate with your lawyer for the duration of the case. Some lawyers may prefer that you call them directly on their phone or their office; others may want you to email them first with any queries.

You need to know what level of communication you need during the case and accordingly hire the lawyer. You may have questions about the progress of the case or the responses of the insurance company. You may remember some important detail of your accident at a late date and may need to urgently communicate with your lawyer. Asking these questions will help you find the right attorney.

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