FAQS About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment at the workplace has gained a lot of friction in recent times since the #MeToo movement. And that is why the employees and the employers have become seriously aware of it making sure that the workplace should be like a safe nest to everyone. But still, there are several instances of sexual harassment that happen now and then, and that is why consulting sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer is always a wise thing to do.

Therefore, to have clarity of various situations that arise at the workplace, here is an FAQ about sexual harassment that you can address if you have been the victim.

Is sexual harassment only about men harassing women at the workplace?

It does not matter which gender is harassing, sexual harassment is what it means despite any gender. It is any form of physical or verbal abuse that leads to the discrimination of a person no matter what the gender is. Even there are instances where sexual harassment happens between the same gender. Always be clear that it is not always men who initiate the sexual harassment, it can be both men and women.

If the employer or co-worker comments on my appearance and my clothes, is it sexual harassment?

Well, it completely depends upon in what manner that person commented and what was the motive behind it. If the employer or the co-worker is advising you to dress up as per the decorum of the office, then it is highly unlikely that it is sexual harassment. Comments such as “I love your top” or “I like the way you are carrying this dress” are not sexual harassment. But if anyone says “I like the way your body is showing off with this dress” then consider it as a form of verbal harassment and take no more time to report about it.

My employer makes sexual remarks every time he sees me. Is it a form of sexual harassment?

Yes, it is. Do not hesitate to raise a complaint about it with the human resources department and make sure that necessary action is taken against such act.

When should I consider talking to sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer?

It is always a good idea to have a good lawyer’s number handy. Especially in cases of sexual harassment when your mental and physical ability to think rationally is lost, talking to sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer is the only wise and right thing you must do. The lawyer can help you understand and protect your workplace rights, analyze the whole situation and then come up with various options that can help you with the case.

What disciplinary actions am I allowed to take against the harasser?

You must know that sexual harassment is any form of physical or verbal abuse that results in discrimination of a person against his or her sex. There are various actions that you can take right from warning to permanent sacking, but first, you must check what is mentioned in the company policy. Being an employer as well, you must convey the message in such a way that it should sound like zero tolerance and the employees must know that no form of sexual misconduct is allowed in this workplace.

My co-worker keeps on sending me vulgar texts and emails during work hours. Is it sexual harassment?

Of course, it is. Sexual harassment is not always physical. Such verbal abuse also creates a lasting impact on the victim’s mind and at times shatters the ability to think clearly. Therefore, if your co-worker or employer keeps on sending you vulgar messages and emails, consider it as sexual harassment and think about taking action against it. It will be in your best interest if you keep the record of those messages and emails so that they can act as solid evidence if in case you decide to file a lawsuit.

In a nutshell, sexual harassment of any kind is nothing but breaking the law. And if you have been a victim, you are eligible to file for compensation and that can be done only with the help of experienced sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer.

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